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Download Catapult Analytics Too busy to create your own charts and reports? EDA experts have already done the work for you! We have developed special programs that utilize the power of Microsoft Excel© to create interactive charts and reports with the click of a button. These sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, charts and reports will show you exactly where to focus your resources for maximum results. With the launch of Catapult, we have replaced the legacy MoJo Tools (.dbf files) with the new and improved Catapult Analytics Tools (.xls files). What's New


  • Set Up Catapult Analytics on Your Computer
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    Because Catapult Analytics is built on the Microsoft Excel© framework, you don't need to install any programs on your computer. Just download a copy of the Catapult Analytics Tools to your computers C: drive. It only takes a few seconds! (System Requirements & Trooubleshooting)

    Download Catapult Analytics


      Arrows If you use the Microsoft Zip utility - Click the above Download button and choose Open. Once the Microsoft Zip utility opens, simply Drag the "EDA" folder to your C:drive (see screen shot below).
        EDA to C
      Orange Arrows If you use the WinZip utility - Click the above Download button and choose Open. Once the WinZip utility opens, simply Extract the files to your C:drive (see screen shot below). This will automatically set up an "EDA" folder containing the appropriate Analytics files on your C:drive.

    That's it, you just set up the Analytics Tools on your computer! To begin using the tools to analyze your data, simply download data from your Catapult account. See the next section for the quick 3-step instructions for refreshing the data in your Analytics Tools.

  • Refresh the Data in Your Analytics Tools
  • The power of Catapult Analytics lies in its ability to take large amounts of data and quickly format the it into easy-to-interpret reports and charts. To begin using the Catapult Analytics Tools you must download data from Catapult to your computer. More detailed data refresh instructions can be found on the first worksheet within the Catapult Analytics Tools.

      Step 1 Log into Catapult and run your desired Query or Watch.
      Step 2 Export the "Query Results" report type as DATA.xls from Catapult to the "EDA" folder on your C: drive.
      Step 3 Open the Catapult Analytics Tool on your computer and "Refresh" the data.
  • Use the Analytics Tools

    Reports - Use the automated Top Buyers, Hot Spots, Sale & Lease Cycles, Top SIC, Top Models, Market Share and Mailing List Reports to grow your business.

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    Charts - Use the automated charts to monitor market trends and to quickly graph your competition's market share.

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  • Customize Your Analytics Tools
  • We got you started with the out-of-the-box Catapult Analytics Tools. But we also designed the Tools to give you the ability to quickly customize them to meet your unique reporting needs. Learn how to modify the layout of your Analytics Tools and how to use the User Defined Fields (UDFs) to assign your own values, such as salesperson's name, to data exported from Catapult.

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  • Other Related Topics for MoJo Users
  • With Catapult, you can continue using the legacy .dbf based MoJo Tools, just as you did with Rainmaker. However, we recommend you upgrade to the more powerful .xls based Catapult Analytics Tools at your convenience. With the launch of Excel 2007, Microsoft no longer allows you to save files in .dbf format.

      Set Up Catapult Analytics See What's New with Catapult Analytics
      Convert Your MoJo UDF's Learn how to convert your MoJo UDFs to work with Catapult Analytics
      Download MoJo Download the legacy MoJo Tools


Training Options

Video Learning

The Catapult Video Tutorials are the perfect training option for a hectic work day. These comprehensive lessons cover everything you need to know to put Catapult to work for you. Learn how to maximize Catapult at your pace, on your schedule.


Live Training

If you learn best from a live instructor, then EDA’s Live Training sessions are the option for you. Our experienced trainers will guide you, online, through the ins and outs of Catapult.


User Guide

EDA’s Catapult User Guide is a comprehensive, step-by-step manual with all the knowledge you need to put the power of Catapult to work for you. Whether it’s installing Catapult Analytics or creating custom Watches and Queries, this resource will guide you to where you need to be.